Discovering identity and purpose

through the Creative Arts

We believe the Creative Arts has a role in helping young people find identity and wholeness through self expression.

Arts Infused seeks to use the Creative Arts and Media to ignite positive societal change: transforming lives by bringing fresh hope and support to young people who need someone to believe in them helping them find purpose.

Increasingly our society is full of young people struggling with issues such as depression, compulsive behaviours, homelessness, and mental health issues. Arts Infused aims to address some of these issues by helping young people to find a sense of identity and wholeness, whilst developing new skills in a creative setting. The Facts

Creating space to collaborate allowing an infusion of creativity to take place


How it works...

We aim to support young people by providing
mentoring and support in a variety of ways

      1. Providing safe 'spaces' for workshops, expression, and training
      2. Performance and showcase
      3. The Programme building community in a therapeutic environment

Art, Design, Dance, Drama, Music, Song, Still image, Film & Video, Design, Writing...

professional, semi-professional, and talented others with creativity at the core.

The Facts...

Mental Health is as important as physical health, which can be affected by numerous factors, often outside of our control. Young people struggle with pressures from many directions such as family problems, relationship issues, exam demands, and peer pressure. Depression is often hidden and suffered in silence when there is a lack of support or fear of shame from the stigma attached. Young people are particularly vulnerable as they seek to find their identity and a place of belonging in society. 

Homelessness can affect almost anyone. It is less about not having a roof over one's head, than about a place of belonging and a sense of identity. Many young people end up homeless as a result of other harmful factors, such as family disfunction or abuse. Without any support structure, a young person may find themselves caught up in addiction, which only compounds the situation. 

Compulsive Behaviours are prevalent in today's society. An alarming increase in addictive behaviour is being acknowledged, as young people seek to cope with the stress that today's society demands. It is a lonely and painful time for those suffering, as well as family or friends supporting. Technology and the Internet have also led to a proliferation of compulsive and addictive behaviour. 

 Young People are the future of our society

each life matters

 The Programme... 

Our Creative Steps Programmes take individuals through a holistic journey of discovery, seeking to aid emotional healing, freedom, and wholeness. 

Based on sound and proven principles the steps address the physical, emotional, and spiritual connections that seek to aid recovery. The programme will aim to link young people into creative arts productions to build self esteem and social connections. 

Therapeutic ...




ACE The Ace card has the lowest value and the highest rank

We believe in taking those of lowest value in society and helping them to meet their highest potential

Our Ethos...

  • Our belief is that promoting care for those in local communities, will help to create a better society for all. 
  • Establishing networks of support and places for young people to express themselves through The Arts and Media, equips them with a variety of skills and helps develop a sense of purpose. 
  • Connecting people together to dispel loneliness and isolation, in an inclusive, non judgemental environment leads to acceptance. 
  • Learning new skills and performing, attributes to self confidence and a sense of emotional well-being. 
  • Creativity is a therapeutic process that can bring psychological, physical, and spiritual wholeness. 
  • The Church has a social responsibility to initiate positive change: Isaiah 61.